How to stream live on Instagram

How to transmit live Instagram

Instagram live one of the most recent tools launched by Instagram, allows streaming live to your followers in real time, but the content can only be seen while the transmission lasts without repeats.

Here we leave a little tutorial on how to transmit live using Instagram

Step 1

Just like to share a story you have to go to the plus sign with our profile picture located at the top left of the screen.

First step

Step 2

In this screen we will see several options: Direct, Normal, Boomerang, handsfree choose the direct option and we'll see a message explaining how it is the function then we tap the option "Start Live Video".

Choose Direct

Step 3

Instagram will automatically check your connection to verify that you have a sufficiently robust connection to be able to transmit live without interruptions in the transmission. We recommend that you be on a WIFI network if you want to perform a live broadcast.

Checking connection

Once the connection is checked the live video will start remember that you can only transmit one hour after that the video is cut automatically.


Some clarifications:

-Remember that live videos are transmitted only once and cannot be seen again as it happens on Facebook live.
-Any user can watch your live videos not only your followers unless your account is in private mode.
-Your followers will receive a notification when you start a live video.
-to this day 28/12/2016 Instagram Live is not yet available to all users implementation by Instagram is still partial and that is why many users still can not broadcast live.

Instagram notifies when they make screenshots? Instagram Stories Screenshot


One of the questions that most often make Instagram users is if Instagram notifies screenshots or screenshots? With the latest announcements on changes in Instagram that each day more and more resemble Snapchat many users think that Instagram could have copied this functionality Snapchat.

This confusion has been generated from the appearance of the functionality of ephemeral messages in Instagram. This tool that allows to send photos and videos in a private way and that self-destruct after being seen is the one that notifies the user in case of a screenshot or screenshot.

That is to say that in case you make a screenshot to a photo or video of the Instagram Feed or in an Instagram storie the user will not receive any notification.

Only in cases where the screen capture is made in a photo or video sent through the ephemeral message tool is when the user will receive this notification.

Instagram Screenshot

How to find your 9 best photos of the year 2016 in Instagram-best Nine 2016

Surely you've seen many users who publish a collage with their best photos this year 2016 Here we show you how you can do


It approaches end of year and many users want to share a summary of their year in social networks, with this simple Web page you can do with Instagram. Using Best Nine 2016 you generate a collage with your 9 most successful publications in this social network this year. It is a tool more than interesting not only for users but also for companies that use Instagram because you can know what is the content that most like your followers.

To be able to do this first you must enter the website of Best Nine 2016 enter in the central bar the Instagram ID, ie the user name.

Then click the Get button and you will get the 9 best photos of the year. Best Nine generates in the collage photos with more likes and more comments and gives you the option to share it in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, remember that if you have an account in private mode you can not use this tool.

The interesting thing about Best Nine is that you can not only generate this set of photos for your profile but with any profile that is public. In addition, this program also allows you to summarize how many likes you have had this year in your Instagram, as well as the number of publications you have made.

Best Nine 2016