Custom Stickers in Instagram Stories

The new Version of Instagram (10.16.1) came with new surprises, now brings us the ability to create custom stickers for our stories, and add stickers to our videos.

What's new in the last update?

Now you can convert photos to stickers to add them to your stories, when you try adding a real sticker a new icon in the form of a camera by clicking on the you can get a small photo that will be transformed into a sticker and can be fixed on your storie.

Also from this update you can add text and stickers to the videos of your stories, just as you did with a photo you first get the video and then have the options to draw, add sticker or add text. Remember that any of these additives will be fixed throughout the video and will not be able to move or remove.

These new features are already available from version 10.16. Instagram for Ios and Android version 10.16.1 if you have not yet you can update them on these links.

Instagram for Android

Intagram for Ios