Size Instagram Stories

What is the ideal size for Instagram stories? Is it the same for the videos? and the resolution?
If you are in doubt these in the right place in this post we help you answer these questions.

What is the correct dimension for Instagram Stories?

The size for your Stories to be displayed correctly is 1080px by 1920px. This means that both your photos and videos for the stories should have a width 1080 pixels and 1920 pixels high.
This is a ratio of 9:16.

Other sizes diferentes to 1080X1920 can prevent your photos or videos from being seen correctly, as Instagram will cut parts of your content or zoom in to adapt your image to the size of its dimension.
But remember that you can always adjust the photo with your fingers to display it entirety altoutgh will not cover 100% of the screen.

There are also other sizes that will Allow tour Stories display fine, these are:

750px x 1334px
1127PX x 2008 px

Other recommendations on size and resolution

Beyond the importance of size and dimensions there are other important aspects to consider if you want to share quality content in your Stories.

Photo format: Image format must be PNG or JPG
Image size: 30 MB (max)
Video format: Tthe video format should be MOV or MP4.
Resolution: The videos must have a minimum resolution of 720p.
Video size: 4GB (max)
Stories Sizes:
1080px x 1920px
750px x 1334px
1127PX x 2008 px

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